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Quality Assurance

  • Each new listing added to the system is audited for accurate and complete information.
  • The Xceligent Data Collector (XDC™) and other proprietary internal tools help our researchers quickly and efficiently collect more reliable data.
  • An intricate system of checks and balances
    eliminates any inadvertent property duplication.

Xceligent is committed to providing information that increases agent productivity and profitability. Our pro-active approach guarantees an unsurpassed quality of information for all our members.

Customer Support

To help you take full advantage of our products, Xceligent offers a variety of personal and online training options, including:

  • Project Specific Assistance - contact the Regional Director in your market or customer care to quickly assist you on the project you need to complete. Contact us.
  • Online or Group Training -
    One of the benefits of becoming an Xceligent member is the training we provide conducted by our staff of training professionals onsite or Online.
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